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About The Ghost Jazz Trio

The San Diego based Ghost Jazz Trio was formed by Jazz Fusion guitarist James Fusionfingers, a former understudy of Bill Connors of Return to Forever fame, and a San Diego Music Awards (SDMA) Best Jazz nominee, who has performed with and opened for top artists throughout Southern and Northern California, including The Allan Holdsworth Trio, Stu Hamm Trio, Don Dokken Thank You Scientist to name just a few. The Trio is the merging of 3 musicians from different musical backgrounds and playing styles brought together to create an original Jazz Fusion sound, performing all original material. If you are seeking a typical classic jazz band performing standard cover tunes from ther Real-Book, we are not the act for you.
The Ghost Jazz Trio performs for large and small intimate events, venues, corporate and private parties, weddings, festivals, fairs and clubs, delivering a mellow smooth background groove or more lively upbeat tunes tailored to each event as required. The trio consists of electric guitar-drums and  bass that plays mellow and high energy jam grooves . Inquire about rates. 

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  • Typical Gig: 60 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: Contact us for rates regarding your next event or venue act search.

  The Ghost Jazz Trio performs a 60 minute minimum required set to 180 minutes with 10 minute breaks every 50 minutes after the 1st hour.

 The host agrees to provide and cover all costs for parking for all members of the band at private and public parking lots. Client agrees to provide adequate electrical, lighting, ventilation at performance area at the event venue. The host agrees to provide complimentary food and bevereages at events that feature food and drink for guests. No song requests will be considered or accepted by guests or hosts during the performance. The band will provide announcements of event activities if needed by the client host. 

The Ghost Jazz Trio will provide original performance music for date and time and set length agreed upon by both parties. 

Booking Details

 The Ghost Jazz Trio performs at events and venues that provide: 

Stage or performance area large enough to hold equipment and performers. PA is not required for this act. The trio will always provide its own back-line. If venue provides the front-line the trio will require 3 mics for drums, 1 mic for guitar and bass speaker cabinets. The bass can also go direct into PA. 

Cancellation Policy

 A 30% deposit is required and is non-refundable if cancelled under 10 days of confirmed performance date and start time. This covers partial fees for other performance opportunities missed by booking the date. 

The 30% deposit to book the trio will be submitted through PayPal once all details are confirmed. Final payment will be paid at the event before the performance begins. Cash or checks are accpeted.


Meet the band

Ghost Jazz Trio Lineup

Guitarist James Fusionfingers teamed up with Casper from Denmark on drums and Dan from the east coast on bass. 

The Ghost Jazz Trio mission statement No Rehearsals-No Charts-No Net creating in ther moment grooves,

which The Ghost Jazz Trio fans have come to expect and appreciate.

The Ghost Jazz Trio

The Ghost Jazz Trio

San Diego, California, United States


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